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Goalkeeper Gloves - Collection 2023-2024

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The BKeeper goalkeeper store for goalkeepers

The new French brand of BKeeper goalkeeper gloves has been designed by professional and amateur goalkeepers still active in national leagues. The BKeeper brand offers top-of-the-range junior and adult soccer gloves at unbeatable prices. Enough for clean sheets on the soccer pitch (keeping your goals untouched). Be the best goalkeeper in your club and look like the best goalkeepers like Mandanda and Courtois. If you want to become a professional goalkeeper and play for top clubs like Real Madrid, Arsenal and Barcelona, it’s important to wear the best goalkeeping gloves.

Why choose BKeeper goalkeeper gloves?

We had two goals in mind: firstly, to make professional goalkeeper gloves using all the latest technologies and top-of-the-range materials (Latico German contact foam, elastic bandage, anti-slip gel and much more…) to offer all goalkeepers the best possible gloves. Secondly, we wanted to offer inexpensive, quality gloves for all amateur, semi-professional and passionate goalkeepers, because as goalkeepers ourselves, we know that buying pairs of gloves is a major expense. After working on these two wishes, we are pleased to offer you our soccer gloves. All our goalkeeper gloves are top-of-the-range quality at under $70, just incredible for goalkeepers!

Technologies used in BKeeper goalkeeper gloves

We offer two types of foam for our soccer gloves to meet the demands of goalkeepers. Firstly, we use aqua foam offering extreme feel in the rain (wet condition and abrasion resistant) from German supplier Latico. Then we use contact foam (top-of-the-range from Latico) which is also used in Adidas goalkeeper gloves, Uhlsport goalkeeper gloves, Nike goalkeeper gloves, RG goalkeeper gloves, Titan goalkeeper gloves and Reusch goalkeeper gloves. It’s very important for goalkeepers to have a good grip to increase their chances of keeping the ball.

Our gloves come in a variety of cuts and seams (flat cut, negative hybrid, rollfinger, negative). We’ve opted for the hybrid cut, which feels safer when you catch a ball and is more resistant on synthetic soccer pitches. Then we opted for the negative cut, which feels like a second skin and is very close to the hand (a cut appreciated by professional goalkeepers).

We’ve then added the best technologies to all our goalkeeper gloves: the best bandages with the right Velcro for a secure wrist, mesh or lycra textiles for a breathable soccer glove. Gloves with a rubber punch or barrettes to increase your chances of boxing balls, a neoprene or breathneoprene back protector. Goalkeepers should also feel stylish and match their soccer gloves with their shirts and socks.

Our brand of goalkeeper gloves has the best junior and adult goalkeeper gloves on the market in terms of value for money.

Which goalkeepers, goalies, professional soccer clubs or goalkeeper trainers trust BKeeper?

Whether you’re an amateur or professional goalkeeper, there’s no difference at BKeeper: junior, adult, amateur, professional, you’ll all have the same quality gloves.
Numerous professional goalkeepers, former professional goalkeepers and even coaches of professional goalkeepers (Ligue 1) such as Jean Yves (Montpellier coach), Stéphane Porato (former Monaco or OM goalkeeper) or Bernard Lama (98 world champion with the French national team) have tested and adopted our BKeeper goalkeeper gloves. We are also supported by numerous professional and amateur soccer clubs such as Quevilly Rouen Métropole (Ligue 2), FC Metz (Ligue 2), DC Carhaix, Saint Malo, and many others who have chosen to equip their goalkeepers (over 250 amateur clubs trust us). Our brand of goalkeeper gloves is made for you.

What’s more, you can find our gloves alongside major brands in sports stores like Intersports or independent boutiques specializing in goalkeepers. They’ve confirmed the quality of our goalkeeper gloves and, above all, their unbeatable price.

So why not join us?
In our goalkeeper’s boutique, you’ll find our entire BKeeper collection for children and adults.

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