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Buy your pair of adult football gloves to be effective in your goal! Play football to experience your best sensations with the ball by opting for BKeeper goalkeeper gloves and their latest technologies. For adults, the glove size is 7 to 11, our equipment will be effective on all types of terrain (glove for synthetic terrain, grass, wet, abrasive and dirt).

Whether you are a goalkeeper, an enthusiast, a young talent or a professional goalkeeper, you have the right to have the best gloves to perform during training, sporting activities, international competitions or friendly matches. Find all the glove cuts:

• Negative seams • Hybrid cut
• Flat Palm • Rollfinger
• Gloves with removable bars
• Aqua gloves (for rain)

Join the thousands of goalkeepers who have chosen Bkeeper adult goalkeeper gloves. Among them, many professional goalkeepers from league 1 and 2, amateurs and enthusiasts, goalkeepers from division 1 Arkema or division 2! Our gloves are present in renowned clubs in France (PSG, OM, Olympique Lyonnais, Saint-Etienne, Losc, Girondins de Bordeaux) and in Europe.

If you don’t yet know the new French glove brand, it’s time to discover it, test it and adopt it! It was designed by passionate goalkeepers who focused on developing the performance, comfort, technology and resistance of the foam. In addition, Bkeeper gloves have the best value for money in the market. walk.

We only offer high-end gloves for our adult range but we use the same technologies and materials for our children’s football gloves!

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